Science plan and implementation strategy 2016-2021


Academic papers

The Papers published by the staff of the Nodal Office.

Dr. Yu-Pin, Lin

  • Lin, Y.-P.,W.-C. Lin, J. Anthony, T.-S. Ding, J.-B. Mihoub, K. Henle, D. S. Schmeller, 2018, Assessing uncertainty and performance of ensemble conservation planning strategies,169, 57-69Landscape and Urban Planning. (SSCI, SCI)
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  • Lin, Y.-P., W.-C. Lin, W.-Y. Lien, J. Anthony, J. R. Petway, 2017. Identifying Reliable Opportunistic Data for Species Distribution Modeling: A Benchmark Data Optimization Approach. Environments, 4(4), 81. (ESCI).
  • Mukhtar, H., Y.-P. Lin*O. V. Shipin, J. R. Petway, 2017, Modeling Nitrogen dynamics in a Waste Stabilization Pond system using Flexible Modeling Environment with MCMC. 14(7), 765. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (SCI; SSCI)
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  • Lin, Y.-P., Y.-W. Chen, L.-C. Chang, M.-S. Yeh, G.-H.  Huang, J.R.  Petway, 2017, Groundwater simulations and uncertainty analysis using MODFLOW and geostatistical approach with conditioning multi-aquifer spatial covariance. 9(3), 164, Water(SCI)
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  • Lin, Y.-P., T.-K. Chang, C. Fan, J. Anthony,  J. R. Petway, W.-Y. Lien, C.-P. Liang, Y.-F. Ho, 2017, Applications of Information and Communication Technology for Improvements of Water and Soil Monitoring and Assessments in Agricultural Areas-A case study in the Taoyuan irrigation district. 4(1), 6, Environments (ESCI)
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  • Lin, Y.-P., W.-C. Lin, W.-Y. Wu, 2015, Uncertainty in Various Habitat Suitability Models and Its Impact on Habitat Suitability Estimates for Fish.  7, 4088-4107. Water (SCI)
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  • Wu, C,-F., Y.-P. Lin*, L-C., Chiang, T. Huang, 2014, Assessing highway’s impacts on landscape patterns and ecosystem services: A case study in Puli Township, Taiwan. 128, 60-71. Landscape and Urban Planning (SCI, SSCI) 
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  • Lin, W.-C., Y.-P. Lin*, Y.-C. Wang, T.-K. Chang, L.-C. Chiang, 2014,Assessing and mapping spatial associations among oral cancer mortality rate, concentrations of heavy metals in soil, and land use types based on multiple scale data.11, 2148-2168. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health(SCI)
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  • Lin, Y.-P.. 2014, Environments: A New Cutting-Edge International and Interdisciplinary Scholarly Open Access Journal. 1.1, 1-3. Environments. (Editorial)

Dr. Min-Hui, Lo

Dr. Shiuh-Shen, Chien

  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen* and Max Woodworth (forthcoming), China’s Urban Speed Machine: the Politics of Speed and Time in a Period of Rapid Urban Growth (* as contact author), International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen* and Dong-Li HONG (2018), River Leaders in China: Party-State Hierarchy and Transboundary Governance, Political Geography. Volume 62, pp 58-67 * as contact
  • CHIEN, Shiuh-shen*, Dong-Li HONG and Po-Hsiung LIN (2017), Ideological and Volume Politics behind Cloud Water Resource Governance- Case of Weather Modification in China, Geoforum, Volume 85, pp 225-233, * as contact
  • CHEN, Liang-Chih and Shiuh-Shen CHIEN* (2017), Industrial upgrading and interaction between the advanced small south and China: the case of Taiwan’s machine tool industry, Area Development and Policy, Vol. 2, Number 1, * as contact author
  • 簡旭伸 (2016),威權環境主義流域治理的機制與限制:以中國昆明河長制度為例,中國大陸研究季刊,59 (4): 1-23 
  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen (2015), Local Farmland Loss and Preservation in China- A Perspective of Quota Territorialization, Land Use Policy, Vol. 49, Number 12, pp 65-74
  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen*; Xufeng ZHU; Tingjia CHEN (2015), Self-Learning through Teaching: Singapore’s Land Development Policy Transfer Experience in China, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. Vol. 33, Number12, pp 1639 – 1656
  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen* and Litao ZHAO (2015), State-Mediated Knowledge Transfer and Resource Mobility: A Case Study of China Local Government Entrepreneurship, Issues and Studies, Vol. 51 ; Number 2, pp 39-78

Dr. Chia-Jen, Chen

  • Chia-Jeng Chen, Tsung-Yu Lee, Che-Min Chang, and Jun-Yi Lee (2018) Assessing typhoon damages to Taiwan in the recent decade: return period analysis and loss prediction. Natural Hazards, 91(2), 759–783
  • Chia-Jeng Chen and Tsung-Yu Lee (2017). Variations in the correlation between teleconnections and Taiwan’s streamflow. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21, 3463–3481.
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  • Chia-Jeng Chen and Aris P. Georgakakos (2015). Seasonal prediction of East African rainfall. International Journal of Climatology, 35(10), 2698–2723
  • Chia-Jeng Chen and Aris P. Georgakakos (2014). Hydro-climatic forecasting using sea surface temperatures—methodology and application for the Southeast U.S. Climate Dynamics, 42, 2955-2982.


  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen (forthcoming), The Transnational Search of Chinese Eco-City Projects: Historical Legacies, Authoritarian Political Operations, and Social-Economic Dynamics, In
    Sustainable Cities in Asia , edited by Federico Caprotti and Li Yu, Routledge: London
  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen*, Liangchih CHEN and Dongli HONG (2017), Newly Industrializing Economies (NIEs), The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology (online) * as contact author DOI: 10.1002/9781118786352.wbieg0760
  • CHEN, Liang-Chih and Shiuh-Shen CHIEN* (2017), Industrial Districts/ Industrial Complex, The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology
    (online) * as contact author DOI: 10.1002/9781118786352.wbieg0764
  • 王振寰與簡旭伸(2016),發展研究概述:理論發展與研究方法,收錄於發展研究與當代台灣社會,簡旭伸與王振寰主編,巨流出版社
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  • CHIEN, Shiuh-Shen* and Chiu-Wan Liu (2016), Transnational Entrepreneurship and Social Capital Rebuilding a Taiwanese temple to Mazu in Kunshan, China, in Rethinking Social Capital and Entrepreneurship in Greater China, edited by Jenn-hwan Wang and Ray-May Hsung. Routledge: London, pp207-221