【International cooperation】Dr. Wei-Ning Xiang’s visiting

Dr. Wei-Ning Xiang from Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, U.S.A and the Editor in Chief of Landscape and Urban Planning, arrived at Taipei on the 25th of June in 2014.

Ecological wisdom for urban sustainability as his speech topic, Dr.Xiang tried to discuss environmental issue in the face of steep challenges toward urban sustainability, the world is looking for, and eager to act upon, solutions with fresh ideas, new principles, novel strategies, and innovative approaches that promise, or ideally, are proven, to be efficacious—capable of inducing the desired results and effects. In this presentation, Dr. Xiang elaborated on the concept of ecological wisdom with time-honored nature inspired planning and design projects, and proposed that

  1. The concept of ecological wisdom connotes both ancient Greek word ‘sophia’ (theoretical wisdom) and the Aristotelian concept of ‘phronesis’ (practical wisdom), and embraces both individual and collective knowledge;
  2. Not only is ecological wisdom ethical and inspirational, but it is also practical and actionable—capable of inspiring and empowering people to figure out the right way to do the right thing in a particular circumstance;
  3. The acquisition and application of ecological wisdom require a social learning lifecycle in which people look backward for enlightenment while, and in order to be, moving forward for urban sustainability.

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