【International cooperation】Dirk S. Schmeller’s visiting

Dr. Dirk S. Schmeller from Germany, a scholar in UFZ(Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research), is one of the initiators of SCALES project. He arrived at Taipei on the 16th of September in 2013 and has conducted several field investigations all around Taiwan. During his three-week visitation in Taiwan, Dr. Schmeller addressed a speech to the graduate students at National Taiwan University and shared his academic experiences with the faculties in climate change and environmental ecology expertise.

With the topic of “Impact of the environment on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis(Bd) prevalence”, Dr. Schmeller explored the impacts of Bd on amphibian skin infection and found that Bd infection has been one of the major causes of amphibian species extinction and biodiversity decreasing. Due to the convenience of traffic transportation and frequent legal and illegal animal trades, the bacteria which cause infections to amphibians are widespread rapidly and thus trigger the ecological problems expanding from local to global issues. Bd is the abbreviation of Batrachochytriumdendrobatidis. Its similar species of bacteria parasitize amphibians via infection of skin and they can live together with their hosts symbiotically or lead to the death of the hosts.

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