【International cooperation】Rob Lemmens’ visiting

In Dr. Lemmens’ speech on “Geo-crowdsourcing and its deployment-Examples from The Netherlands”, he shared his case study about how he applied crowdsourcing to collect data for his research in the Netherlands. He indicated that every kind of scientific studies including ecological investigation, environment preservation, epidemic tracing, and climate change and its impact, can utilize the power from the public to increase the amount of data and improve its quality in the era of fast information transmission and update. Dr. Lemmens proposed the concept that information is the new petroleum to address the important role that data plays in the studies of any field.

Dr. Lemmens took the websites in the Netherlands and other countries as examples, including Netherlands phenology network, Nature Calendar, Border stones, CadastreForest trails, Fix my Neighborhood, and Envirocar, to show the accomplishments of crowdsourcing by using public volunteering power.

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